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Food & Menus


Celebrate Food & Chefs of Lake County

The chefs are featured in the Lake County Wine Auction are extreemly creative and devoted to their craft. We look forward to sampling the “tasty bites” at the pre-dinner segment of the auction, followed by the salad, main course and dessert, all created and presented by several of these fine food purveyors of Lake County.


There is a lot of talk about the high quality wines that are a signature in Lake County, but with many unique food products being produced, we now see the county developing into a premier agricultural region as well. Few realize that Lake County provides a perfect environment for nurturing and developing accomplished chefs.


Under the direction of local chef Rosemary Martin and her team are working to create an extraordinary dining experience. Ten of our local chef/caterers are offering our pre-dinner “tasty bites” which can be sampled along with a variety of our wines.In creating this year’s food offerings, our local chefs are taking care to embrace the quality ingredients that we have at our fingertips. So please, spend a few extra moments and savor a locally grown pear or tomato, olive oil from a local mill, or cheese from a local dairy. Then, when this year’s flavors are just a memory, we ask you to think about and support the people who made this food we’ve all enjoyed possible.


It’s amazing how food nourishes, comforts and inspires us all at the same time. After experiencing, on many different levels, the fires of recent years, we are made to realize the importance of this basic need-nourishment. It raises our level of appreciation for those who provide this abundance. We hope the flavors that you experience at this year’s Lake County Wine Auction and the story behind them will inspire you as you help us with our task of building a better community here in Lake County.


Tasting Menu

The 2017 tasting menu will give you a sense of what to expect in 2018.

Park Place Restaurant

Chef Jeremy Zabel

Fresh Grape, Pt. Reyes Blue Crumble & Walnut Canapes

Lower Lake High School Culinary Program

Instructor/Chef Robert Reil and students

Smoked Salmon, Pickled Onion & Roasted Artichoke Creme Fraiche on Pumpernickel

Lakeview Market

Owner Kenny Parlett

Chili Verde topped with Colby Cheese
served in a Tortilla Cup

O’Meara Brothers Brewing Company

Chef Jerry Phillips

Plantain Fritters served with Mango Ketchup, two styles of bear by brewer Tim O’Meara.

Saw Shop Gallery Bistro

Chef Matt Young

Hog Island Oysters on the half shell
with Mignonette

Lake County Olive Oils
Hill Creek Ranch

Owner Lou Ann Bauer

Tuscan Blend Olive Oil, Winner of a Silver Medal
at the L.A. International Competition

Chacewater Olive Mill

Emilio De La Cruz, Mill Master

Award Winning Tuscan Blend
Best of Class at the L.A. International Competition
Three mild evoo’s, 2 citrus flavored oils and a 5 year aged balsamic vinegar.

Boatique Winery

Robert and Madi Mount, Owners

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Dirty Martini Juice

Villa Barone, LLC

Rob and Deb Lipari, Owners

Award winning Extra Virgin Tuscan Blend Olive Oil


Dinner Menu

2017 Main Menu

Rosey’s Main Course

Meat Option -Filet Mignon & Prawns
with Cache Creek Syrah reduction and
demi glaze, with assorted mushrooms,
served with a side of potato pave and
assorted squash.

Vegetarian Option – toasted Israeli couscous
on a bed of pumpkin seed pesto topped
with roasted root vegetables, served
with a side of potato pave.

Rob’s Salad

A Mediterranean play on a wedge salad.
“Little Gem” baby romaine,
layered with feta, grilled red pepper, cucumber,
local grape tomatoes topped with Six Sigma
lardon (sans on veggie choice)
and a vinaigrette with Greek oregano.

Ann-Marie’s Dessert

Spiced Lake County pear cake with
a carmalized Lake County Walnut topping,
served with a dollop of cinnamon
creme fraiche.