Apply to be a Beneficiary

The Lake County Wine Alliance is a nonprofit organization that presents an annual wine and art auction to raise funds for the arts, health, and the community.

The auction is held in September. The net proceeds from this event are divided among agencies representing these three targeted areas. Please keep in mind before applying that the priorities of the Wine Alliance in choosing beneficiaries for approval are: Health, Education and the Arts with a focus on children and the elderly. You will need to make sure your application aligns with these priorities to be considered. Thank you.

Your application will be considered for possible funding if submitted online (preferred) or postmarked by May 1 of the year of the event for which you are applying. Simply fill out and submit this form online.

Please note: The deadline for applying for 2024 is May 1, 2024.

Be brief and explain how this will benefit the youth, education, health or seniors of Lake County.

What areas of Lake County will this serve and how many citizens of Lake County will benefit.